Speak Up for Kids

If you’re worried about your child’s speech and language skills please get in touch with me for a FREE no-obligation telephone or Zoom consultation and we can talk over your available options.

If we agree to a programme of speech and language therapy, this is what you can expect:

Initial assessment

I will gather information to build a picture of your child’s strengths and what they need help with, followed up by an observation session in a familiar setting where I can make an informal assessment; this might be in your home, nursery or other community setting. (Please note that I may also need to make an additional formal assessment).

Following this stage, I will put my findings and therapeutic suggestions into a report.

This information will allow you to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Therapeutic input - I can offer you and your child a variety of support packages. I am a firm believer that support should be accessible to everyone and as such can provide you with a number of options. Note that if your child is unable to attend therapy in person, we can discuss a video conferencing (teletherapy) option.

One-to-One speech and language therapy sessions - these can take place at home with you or a carer in attendance so you can keep track of our progress and support your child with their ‘homework’ between sessions. You can be reassured that each session will be completely tailored to your child’s needs. It is also centred around play which will encourage your child to enjoy and fully benefit from the therapy.

Therapeutic resources and guided activities - resources will be tailored for your child’s needs, giving them the best chance to improve their speech and language. They will also allow you to be a part of your child’s journey to better communication.

Small group sessions - wherever small group work may help, I can arrange for your child to participate. I also run free drop-in sessions for parent and toddler groups and playgroups, details of which you can find on my social media pages.

Follow ups - I will remain in regular contact with you to check on your progress and offer advice.

Signposting - there are a number of other complementary services I can refer you to that may take the place of or enhance our therapeutic work.

Speak Up for Kids - Speech and Language Therapy in Carlisle, Cumbria
Speak Up for Kids - Speech and Language Therapy in Carlisle, Cumbria

“Be a part of your child’s journey to better communication.”